A Pony Tale

"ALL THEY NEEDED WAS A MIRACLE... 16-year old Juliet lives on a ranch with her stepmother and two irritating stepbrothers. Since her father died the ranch has been struggling financially. In desperation, her mother is forced to entertain an offer from a businessman to pull their family out of debt. But one incredible secret just … Continue reading A Pony Tale


Cavalcade (1933)

Using the tagline, "Picture of the generation" is a pretty lofty statement, but Cavalcade seemed to think it was accurate when it was plastered all across its promotional posters.  To be fair, it's a good marketing technique. Who wouldn't want to watch a movie heralded as the defining picture of a whole generation??  Unfortunately, Cavalcade never even comes close … Continue reading Cavalcade (1933)

A Talking Cat!?!

"Sometimes it takes a little help from a special cat to get people on course.  In this case Duffy sets about to help two families enjoy each others' gifts..." -"A Talking Cat!?!" DVD box description Because the immaculate movie "A Halloween Puppy" left you desperate for more, I'm back with my second Mary Crawford film review, … Continue reading A Talking Cat!?!

A Halloween Puppy

"Horror movie buff Adam Wilder's favorite holiday is Halloween, but this year promises to be different from usual when his best friend Molly (who'd like to be something more than that) accidentally turns his mom Linda's boyfriend Ted into a puppy when she attempts to cast a spell..." -"A Halloween Puppy" DVD description When I … Continue reading A Halloween Puppy