3 Wicked Witches

You thought we were done with Mary Crawford film reviews, didn't you? Well sadly yes, I've already reviewed every Mary Crawford film our beloved genius has ever made...at least, every film he's made under the name Mary Crawford.  It turns out Mary Crawford is just one of many psedonyms of David Decoteau.  He has a … Continue reading 3 Wicked Witches


Santa’s Summer House

Five travelers on a summer pleasure cruise in Southern California are waylaid by a mysterious fog.  Landing on a strange island they meet its two inhabitants; an eccentric old man and his jolly wife who go by the name of 'Claus'.  the travelers soon disconver they share a common bond of discontent that will need … Continue reading Santa’s Summer House

A Christmas Puppy

I hesitate to call "A Christmas Puppy" a Mary Crawford film since technically the directorial credit is listed as David DeCoteau. Of course, David DeCoteau is Mary Crawford's real name, so it's all just semantics, really.  Anytime Decoteau applies the Mary Crawford name to a film though, it tends to be pseudo-family oriented, while those directed … Continue reading A Christmas Puppy