White by Dan Schaffer

My experience with non-superhero comics is somewhat limited.  While I've read hundreds of DC trades, I've read far fewer independent/non-superhero comics. I'm slowly working on correcting that, branching out into more original works and reading creator-owned stories. White collects the series in its entirety, presenting the full story of 18-year old Willa, the sole survivor of … Continue reading White by Dan Schaffer

Inaugural Post! (a.k.a. Black Canary Fangirling)

Welcome to the inaugural post on Hippo Planet, my brand-new blog! If you're familiar with my former blogging outpost, Holy Comics, Batman!, you know that I have a massive slight girl-crush on Black Canary. She's one of my favorite female superheroes, and may even outrank Wonder Woman on my list.  I've praised her kick-ass attitude … Continue reading Inaugural Post! (a.k.a. Black Canary Fangirling)