Supergirl at Super Hero High by Lisa Yee

If my review of the first book in this series, Wonder Woman at Superhero High, was any indication of how much I'm loving these books, it should come as no surprise that I dove headfirst into the next.  I loved the style, I loved the writing, I loved the references. I had high hopes for … Continue reading Supergirl at Super Hero High by Lisa Yee


Fart: The Movie

I've seen a handful of truly awful, low-budget films in my life. It's become a bit of a passion project of mine and my boyfriend's, attempting to locate the worst of the worst.  Films that are so dreadfully awful that they can't help but be hilarious.  That being said, never in my wildest dreams did … Continue reading Fart: The Movie

White by Dan Schaffer

My experience with non-superhero comics is somewhat limited.  While I've read hundreds of DC trades, I've read far fewer independent/non-superhero comics. I'm slowly working on correcting that, branching out into more original works and reading creator-owned stories. White collects the series in its entirety, presenting the full story of 18-year old Willa, the sole survivor of … Continue reading White by Dan Schaffer

3 Wicked Witches

You thought we were done with Mary Crawford film reviews, didn't you? Well sadly yes, I've already reviewed every Mary Crawford film our beloved genius has ever least, every film he's made under the name Mary Crawford.  It turns out Mary Crawford is just one of many psedonyms of David Decoteau.  He has a … Continue reading 3 Wicked Witches