“Doomsday Clock” Theory: Will the JSA Return?

Before I get this post rolling, let me just preface it by saying that I really wish that I could take credit for this theory.  It is actually the brainchild of my boyfriend, who spends virtually all of his spare time thinking about DC continuity (not an exaggeration) and who posed this particular theory to me … Continue reading “Doomsday Clock” Theory: Will the JSA Return?


Wonder Woman: A Hero to All

The blu-ray release of Wonder Woman came out this week, and I was happy to see it was filled with plenty of special features, not only about the making of the film, but about the history of the character and her significance in the comics.  Watching some of these this weekend, I began to reflect … Continue reading Wonder Woman: A Hero to All

White by Dan Schaffer

My experience with non-superhero comics is somewhat limited.  While I've read hundreds of DC trades, I've read far fewer independent/non-superhero comics. I'm slowly working on correcting that, branching out into more original works and reading creator-owned stories. White collects the series in its entirety, presenting the full story of 18-year old Willa, the sole survivor of … Continue reading White by Dan Schaffer